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Drew is a master class lyricist in both the pop and country spaces. As an artist with a catalog nine albums deep, one novel penned, and two annual music festivals created, Kennedy has done more than build a strong career. He has reimagined what it means to be a songwriter, both artistically and entrepreneurially. Billboard Magazine, No Depression, CMT, American Songwriter and Cowboys and Indians Magazine have praised his efforts. Drew has cuts with Patrick Droney, Nate Smith, Keith Urban, Jamie Miller, Morgxn, RaeLynn, Forest Blakk, Canaan Smith, The Wolf Brothers, Callum Beattie, Ben Chapman and many more. Most recently, Drew co-wrote multiple songs on the David Hodges twin albums “The Unattainable” and “The Unavoidable”, including “The Unattainable/The Unavoidable” and “Carry You Home”.  His expanding circle of collaborators includes David Hodges, Micah Premnath, Ben Platt, Troy Verges, Patrick Droney, Luke Niccoli, Jamie Miller, Jonathan Hutcherson, Logan Wall, Cameron Montgomery, Lori McKenna, Davis Naish, Shy Carter, Matt Morrissey, Ben West, Jon Stark, Chris August and more.

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