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Hunter Metts is an artist, songwriter and producer from Franklin, Tennessee. Growing up in a musical family, Hunter began playing the piano at age six, and eventually started playing guitar and writing his own songs. Hunter's music is characterized by his soulful and emotive vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and acoustic guitar-driven melodies. He cites artists such as The Paper Kites, Bon Iver, and Novo Amor as his musical inspirations. In 2021, Hunter gained national attention as a contestant on the hit singing competition show "American Idol." His performances, which showcased his raw talent and vulnerability, captivated audiences, and judges alike. Despite not winning the competition, Hunter's time on the show helped him gain a loyal fanbase and a platform to share his music with the world. Since his time on "American Idol," Hunter has continued to write and perform his own music, as well write and produce music for other artists. He has released several songs independently, including “Nothing to Lose” and “Paper Moon,” which showcase his ability to blend personal storytelling with catchy melodies. Hunter’s growing circle of collaborators include Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Henry Brill, Tristan Bushman, Alex Hope, Chandler Leighton, Austin Nivarel, Dave Thomas Jr, Emyrson Flora, Caleb Hearn, Jack LaFrantz, Cody Lovaas, Anna Hamilton, Luke Niccoli, Jonah Kagen, Claire Douglas and more.

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