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One of country’s new crop of modern traditionalists, he’s never lived outside the endless plains of West Texas – and his sound is steeped in their timeless beauty, both gritty and graceful at the same time. Now produced by traditional torchbearers Bart Butler and Ryan Gore (Jon Pardi), King’s music captures that essence, showcasing a talent who’s never been afraid to be himself.


After years of hustling and a road-warrior’s diet of 150 shows each year, King produced and released the defiant 2016 EP, Another Bullet, then followed up with a 2018 self-titled album. Now he’s looking to the anywhere-and-everywhere future after his major-label debut "She Gone" followed by releases "Burn It At Both Ends” and "Hey Cowgirl" this past winter, King is looking forward to new music in the fall.

“People can call it traditional country or whatever they want, but to me, it’s just me being who I am,” he says. “It’s win or lose right here, might as well go all in.”


“Randall King is that writer who knows exactly who he is and what he wants to communicate to the listener. Great lyrics with a cool melody is always a perfect combo, especially when it's authentic to the song. It doesn’t matter if he is writing for himself or another artist. The song is the King!” said Chris Oglesby, BMG.

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